Thursday, August 28, 2008

Levels of Geek-dom

Nothing on the subject of Europe or travel, here's something I wanted to post, cuz I thought it was hilarious. Courtesy of Nicki. =)

The 6 Levels of Geek-dom

"The lowest level is Geek-wannabe..
this kind, thinks he knows all, but knows nothing.

He/she has the basic knowledge of computer science and can explain some minor stuffs, but cannot solve problems.. even minor ones..

Next level is Geek-Wiz...
This geek can solve problems.. write applications that can make people's lives easier... basically, good enough a geek to build a computer for you... BUT lacks the in depth knowledge to deal with really tough problems like blue screens and whatnot.

This geek can hack stuff... goes in depth and hacks into people's networks for fun... BUt still can't solve blue screen issues... but at least he thinks they are dangerous and tries to avoid them

This geek... is crazy man... he loves blue screens...has really good knowledge of computer stuffs.. its history, its future.. but not truly the one yet.

This one.. best.... walk near a broken computer, with no power supply, no battery, no nothing, and the computer turns on and works."

SO tell me, which geek are you? Lol.

(Edit) Geek Trait: Geek-Indulgence
Self explanatory, the geek from all 6 levels indulges in retail therapy of the irrational kind.
Geek speak (and quoted from Nicki): Instead of buying a S$9 mouse that perform basic navigational needs, the indulgent geek buys the S$59 mouse. 5 buttoned, wireless, 1600 DPI mouse triumphs over the 2 buttoned, wired and 500 DPI mouse. (Non-geek here have no idea what spec this is!?@)

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