Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthday greetings from Pooh & friends

It seems I know quite a few September babies. =)

Today's my friend Emi's birthday, just wanted to shout out my birthday greetings to you! Hope you've had a rocking good time today! You absolutely deserve it!

This is dedicated to Emi.


I found this drawing, amongst others, that I did some years back. I was going through a Winnie the Pooh phase - so there were a lot of sketches and drawings of the little bear and his Acre Wood friends.

Some friends don't know that I draw and paint, or do any art, for that matter. I don't blame them. I haven't drawn anything for years.

Perhaps the creative juices were more abundant when you're young. I sketched and painted a lot during my teen years, and had big sketchbooks of drawings I did, copied from comic books, existing pictures or nature (very rarely).

Since I'm on the subject of my Pooh phase, I've posted this other Pooh drawing. I thought the drawing looked okay photographed. In reality, it looked quite crappy up close. I know Pooh's and Eeyore's colours look weird - I didn't mix the paint colours well. Oh well. Just resist the desire to laugh at my amateurish works okay?

It's mandatory that birthday gals have lots of fun!

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