Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Choices We Make

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Met a friend whom I haven't seen for some time... who gave me something to think about.

This friend is a computer engineering major, who was a steady straight As student, and whose aptitude and study smarts assured a bright future ahead of him. To my surprise, he spoke of his intentions to change industries, into Finance. He isn't the only one. Another engineering major friend chose to become a financial planner upon graduation. Yet another had plans to switch from his current engineering industry to the Finance industry in another year's time.

The irony is not lost on me. Here I am, an Accountancy major, who still, occasionally dreams of pursuing other creative pursuits, which could hopefully, pay the rent.

This isn't some sudden pandemic. Haven't we heard many times before? Of kids studying medicine/law/accountancy/engineering, to please their parents, only to take on a blatantly different career later in life.

We all know that our interests don't usually pay the rent. That's how the pragmatic world works.

Finance vs Engineering. Both are respectable industries and it is possible to pave high paying careers from both. For my friends, choosing one over the other isn't about whether or not to forgo a higher income. It is only a matter of what interests them. Which makes it so enviable. What are the chances that your passion happens to be your job?

Nevertheless, switching careers requires great courage. The learning curve would be very steep for newbies to a particular industry. I applaud all who made this brave move and are living gladly with their decisions.

Sadly, switching careers is out of my league at the moment. Money still talks. If I become an artist, I will most certainly lead a life of poverty until my death, after which my art may (but not necessarily) become famous.

Always a realist.

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