Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm lovin' this!

Check out the lovely art works of Suzanne Woolcott, a Scottish painter, who has her own Etsy shop.

I noticed she has a penchant for all things striped and child-like, from the skinny striped scarves and striped socks to the dreamy landscapes and cute animals. Some of the doll-like girls may not have mouths, just like the iconic Hello Kitty, but the eyes have delightful expressions of their own.

Notice the tiny skull hair pin on the girl's tresses and the basketful of skulls (?) The little cat with wings reaches out to her. Wonder if there is a deeper meaning to this picture.

This makes me feel like drifting off to dreamland, a unicorn should make for a pleasant dream (Think unicorns, rainbows, fairies and pixies)...

The girl in lovely white wellingtons and rain coat, gives me an impulse to buy wellingtons so I can splash about in the puddles. hah!

Sometimes it is stumbling upon talents like this that stokes a strong desire in me to pick up my long neglected pencil and sketch book and create something, anything.

Can drawing be self-taught? I once had art lessons when I was 11 or so, and stopped due to some reason I cannot remember. Sure, I can probably copy from an existing art piece relatively well, but drawing out of nothing, out of your imagination, can be a different ball game altogether. Now that I'm at this "ripe old" age, can I still draw well?

Will have to try out sometime.

Inspired to draw again

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