Friday, September 19, 2008

Many happy returns of the day!!!

Birthday greetings to my friend of many years, whom I only recently got in touch with, again.

Been a while since I hand made cards. This is for her. The inside... well... for her eyes only. =)

The last time I made such Japanese dolls were for a group of friends during Christmas some 8 years ago. A couple years later, I was disappointed to note that none of them remembered I made the doll for them. I guess this is the sort of things that people don't usually remember or particularly cherish unlike moi (yeah, you guessed it, I'm the sentimental sort).

At the same time, I'd like to convey my greetings to another friend (hmm, let's call her Ms Foogies) who shares the same birthday. I hope you'd have a wonderful day! Hint big time to the boss you need to knock off early to celebrate! *wink*

Relishing wielding the crafty scissors again


emi said...

omg, i did kimono bookmarks back when i was younger. they look like urs!

yeah, it's intricate but ppl prob dun remember it after a while. i still have some jap paper which i bought from kinokuniya. will see if i can rem how to do it.


Fleurgal said...

Cool - looks like you and I dabble in the same crafty stuff. If you don't remember how to do it, you can get the "instructions manual" from me. =)


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