Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My poor lappy is ill~

My cute, trusty and compact netbook of only 1 month, 2 days, has fallen victim to a malicious virus!

This happened because I was addicted to the newest TV drama in town, Fringe. Fringe is very similar to X-files, but much more exciting, in my humble opinion. Highly suspenseful, it is a new series created by the same creator of Lost, J. J. Abrams. I gave up on figuring out Lost many seasons ago, however, Fringe proves promising. The first episode was a 90 min ride of sci-fi mysteries, plot twists, plumped up characters and thrills to keep me hooked, line and sinker. And so, I was so eager to watch the next few episodes, I managed to obtain the 4th episode, which was a wmv file format.

Windows Media Player could not play it, indicating that it required an update. As a result of the update, all hell broke loose. My anti virus software, AVG detected trojans and viruses in the system. I deleted the trojans and viruses, but endless virus warnings and alerts have been plaguing my screen since then. Plus I cannot access my program files. Poor lappy is now awaiting the rescue of prince techie charming~~

Yes, I still blame Fringe for my lappy's infliction. :-(

(Edit) Prince Techie Charming did rescue poor lappy. Now little lappy is certified to have a clean bill of health! Toast to my dear friend, the ever reliable Prince Techie Charming, who had to guide me (the super non-geek) remotely step-by-step to reformat the lappy. Forever grateful. =)

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