Monday, September 8, 2008

Visually Appealing

I was browsing this cool Origami blog and was alerted to the works of this supremely talented artist/animator from Los Angeles, Joaquin Baldwin. I first viewed his short film about an origami artist who transforms the world with the skillful use of his hands. The firm is entitled Papiroflexia, which means origami in Spanish. Very whimsical, and very cute. Check it out at the bottom of this post.

More of his other animations and drawings can be found here.

The artist's drawings are just as captivating, in a Salvador Dali-esque manner. Those familiar with Salvador Dali's works, will know of the surrealism style of Dali's paintings, i.e., the famous painting, "The Persistence of Memory". This is the impression invoked when I look at Joaquin Baldwin's works. Cool!

This is my favourite. My eyes are drawn to the ethereally rendered rays of light and the mysterious "wings tree" in the foreground. Strangely, it does not look out of place, as though it rightfully belonged there.

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more of Joaquin's works.

~Newly converted fan

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