Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Secret - What Great Leaders Know and Do

Something to share, from a book I borrowed, "The Secret - What Great Leaders Know and Do" by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller. I don't normally read self help books. But this one won't put you to sleep, is easily digestible and makes a lot of sense.

The following are quoted/extracted from the book.

The Secret of Great Leaders

Great leaders SERVE. What does SERVE entail?

See the future
- "It's a leader's job to make time today to ensure that there is a tomorrow"
- Communicate
vision and direction to the team.
- Help the team with the implementation and show them the advantages of getting to the destination
- Anticipate opportunities and obstacles

ngage and develop others
- Selecting the right people for the job
  • Helping people leverage their strengths
- With every pair of hands hired, you get a free brain
- Engage people in the cause and the work. When you get their brains, you get their heart as well.
- Conditions for an engaging environment:
  • Goals are clear
  • Staff are well trained
  • There is sufficient information
  • The boss has confidence in the staff
  • The boss is available whenever staff needs help
  • Staff are all learning and growing
  • Staff are told what the objective is, and had the freedom on how to get it done.
  • Staff are accountable for the outcome
  • Staff are valued and appreciated
- Developing others involve:
  • Creating expectation for learning and growing
  • Creating training and development opportunities
  • Providing educational resources
  • Mentoring
Reinvent continuously
Personal reinvention - continuously find ways to enhance your knowledge and skills
- "If you stop learning, you stop leading"
- Importance of personal reinvention:
  • Leaders need to model their behavior for people to emulate
  • Keep up with competitors and rate of change in the world
  • Old ways of working may not work today
- Seeking ways to improve systems and processes
- Structural reinvention - the organisation structure is fluid and flexible, and can be adapted to meet the changing demands of the business

Value results and relationships

- "Profits and financial strength are the applause we get for a job well done"
- Have high expectations for results
- AND have good relationships with the team
  • Listen
  • Invest time
  • Care deeply
  • Recognise their efforts
  • "People will not give you their hand until they can see your heart" - John Maxwell
Embody the Values
- Gain the trust of the team
  • Walk the talk - Live consistently with the values you profess
  • Set the tone and example for the team
Reviewing the concept - SERVE

- People who want to be great leaders must embrace the attitude of service to others
- The best teachers are always those who know they haven't got it all figured out
- The ability to develop great successors is a hallmark of great leaders
- "Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve" - Dr Martin Luther King, Junior

This basically sums up the book. Very useful for the potential leader in all of us. Hope you found it useful too.

Inspired by great leaders, demotivated by bad ones.


fishyfish said...

Interesting... Quite insightful...

Fleurgal said...

Glad u found it insightful. It really is. Wish I'd found the book sooner though. =)


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