Friday, October 3, 2008

A macabre sense of humour

I never thought I'd find gruesome cartoons to be funny, but this Australian artist hailing from Canberra changed my mind. Mike Jacobsen's brand of humour has gotta be one of the most morbid I've seen, not that I've seen a lot of such. His cartoons are printed on T-shirts, sold at Neatorama and can also be found at his blog, See Mike Draw. See below to get that morbid reference I was talking about.

For the above cartoon, you'd get the joke if you've seen the movie, Aliens. In case you haven't, well... in the movie, the aliens impregnate their victims via their victims' mouths. Get it? Lol.

I realised this blog is turning into an artists promoter blog. Well, I didn't mean to. Just happened to come across these talents and wanted to share them with everyone.

Does being tickled by these cartoons make me morbid too?

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