Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old Habits Are Hard to Break

That habit is sleeping late. Yes, almost everyone I know is guilty of that.

It's mandatory to break this no-good habit because circumstances have changed for me now. Now I've got to rise and shine at 7am, whereas I used to habitually turn in at 2am every night (and wake up at 12 noon, hah!). I can't survive on 5 hours of sleep everyday, it's unheard of (I am a pig who needs at least 8 hours, else you'd see a very grouchy me emerge)!

Besides, there are tons of benefits to getting sufficient sleep (7-9 hours). Top 10 reasons, in fact, according to about.com.

1. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

2. May Prevent Cancer

3. Reduces Stress

4. Reduces Inflammation

- which causes deterioration of the body as it ages

5. Makes You More Alert

6. Bolsters Your Memory

Reduce Your Risk for Depression

Helps the Body Make Repairs

And if the following reasons don't convince you, I don't know what will!

Naps Make You Smarter

May Help You Lose Weight

So now, I'm trying to turn in at 12am and get at least that requisite 7 hours. Still a huge, huge effort. I always lie there for at least 30mins, fully aware of my surroundings before eventually dozing of. Well, I can only try.

Have a good night's sleep, people!


Anonymous said...

9. Naps Make You Smarter???

sure or not? Y i don't I feel smarter?


Fleurgal said...

Maybe you need to take more naps? *grins* I guess when you have enough sleep, you'd feel clearer headed and feel smarter than you are when you're groggy from the lack of sleep. Have an early night! =)


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