Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stunning paper creations

A quick google on the world wide web can always yield very cool stuff.

Google helped me find this wonderfully gifted Danish artist, Peter Callesen. He specialises in paper sculptures, and each work just keeps getting better and better.

While Ron Chespak's (see previous post) works had colours and were more conventional in design, Peter Callesen's works were mostly made of varying gsm of pristine white paper and they make a statement. Sometimes ironic, sometimes funny, sometimes morbid and sometimes witty. His works speak volumes to me. What do you think?

"Cut to the bone"

Aptly titled and sculpted, "Resurrection"

"Dead Angels"

Close up of the 'dead angel'

"Hanging image"

Another great title, "The core of everything"

Close up of the core

"Snowballs", convey a sense of movement

Skeletons in the "Closet"?


"Looking back", the skeleton was once a man. Cute.

"Alive, but dead". What irony.

Window display for Hyundai

Close up of the window display

Check out the petals scattered on the window display floor

I heart beautiful works of art.

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