Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Wonderful Thing About Paper

The wonderful thing about its versatility.

I've always loved paper sculpture books. The library has an extensive collection of such books, which catalogue the works of paper sculpture artists, normally based in U.S. or Japan through brilliantly captured photos. I devour these books greedily, and am most reluctant to relinquish them when they are due because they are so inspirational. I've made greeting cards with a 3-D edge, thanks to the wonderful ideas these books inspire.

I found this Californian paper sculpture artist's website, and it gave me the same thrill when I peruse those paper sculpture books. Ron Chespak has had various art galleries and accolades for his works. I've wondered how paper sculpture artists derive their source of income other than from art galleries, and it seems the artist had created paper sculptures to be used as book covers or magazine covers, or as prints for greeting cards. Wonderful to note the commercial value of such artists. A pity this artist hasn't been active since 2004, or maybe it's because his website is not updated.

When you look at his works, you'd find it hard to imagine they're made of paper. I'd think those pristine white sculptures are the hardest to create. Since it's all white, it is more difficult to display the 3-D quality, and textures, light and shadow, become very important in rendering the interesting contrast and sculpted look.

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I am so captivated, I resolve to hit the library for books on paper sculpture techniques.

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