Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bunny Lovin'

I know this is frivolous, but still... did I mention I love my new bunny slippers?

I saw a pair of Hello Kitty ones at Sanrio fair a few weeks back at $29.90. I am so glad I didn't get them then.

I got this pair of bunny slippers at the Bookfest recently at only 1/3 the price. Do you know the ears actually flop back and forth as I walk in them? Soooo cute! Ok, I'm gushing. Stop it!

The slippers are also super comfy. I feel like I'm walking on air when I'm in them.

By the way indoor slippers like these protects the feet from unseen sharp objects that may be on the floor, warms the feet (not that it's needed in mono-season S'pore, but nice to have in an AC place) and keeps the feet comfortable and clean too.

Thinking of getting them? Get them at the Bookfest at Suntec City Convention Centre, level 6., ending 23 Nov 08. Don't ask me why slippers are sold at the Bookfest though. Aside from really good deals on books (I bought 3 bestseller books for the price of 2) , there're plenty of other cute stuff there - like swirling globe cum night light (which my friend bought, after some deliberation hehe) and little treasure boxes masquerading as school lockers and file cabinets. Another friend even bought a mini shredder for $15.90. OMG. Anyway, my point is, you might find more treasures there than you bargain for.

For now, I'm luxuriating in my bunny slippers. :-)


emi said...

and i have switched my globe/night light on for a total of ONE time. haha. but i did study the map for 5 mins. =/

bookfest was fun. cute and irresistible stuff galore!

Fleurgal said...

1 time! 5 mins! How could that ever be enough to make up for your $49 spent?? I've already 'zeroed' out my bunnies' cost per wear ratio. =P


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