Sunday, November 23, 2008

Singapore Biennale 2008 Part II - Inspiring

City Hall is a stately building, and is also the site of the former Supreme Court. Imagine what greeted us when we strode towards the stairs leading to the first exhibit?

Fibre glass maggots given the red carpet treatment

Surprisingly, when these creepy crawlies are blown up 100 times their natural size, they don't seem so creepy to me. In fact, they look kinda cute. haha. The volunteer guide mentioned that someone bought the fibre glass maggots for a few thousand SGD a-piece. Perhaps that someone found them cute too. =)

We saw a good many more interesting and/or aesthetically appealing exhibits.

Painstakingly moulded by the artist daily to achieve these humanoid faces on the gourds

Other than being cheap practical furniture, we now know there's another use for Ikea furniture

A pelican and a scooter, supposedly unravelling into a ball of yarn
, which it did not really become, after the Biennale ended

Solitary figures in salt mines look strangely mesmerising

Oops I know I took like, tons of snapshots of these salt mine pictures. The piece is titled "The Wreck of Men", by artist, Charly Nijensohm, who took these pictures without manipulating them digitally. In such wondrously beautiful natural landscapes, the figures look like they're floating. Yes, I'm enamoured by them.

Photos that resemble Renaissance oil paintings. They have an ethereal quality to them.

Another favourite exhibit in City Hall is this Blackfield piece by Ben-David Zadok, born in Yemen, based in UK.

Black on one side....

Vibrantly coloured on the other side

Floating book about Philosophy in perspex, entitled "Bachelor - The Dual Body"

Aptly titled, "Teratoma II: War of the Worlds" by Leroy New

A series of video stills of Northern Europe landscape with text from a book characterises "Beyond Recognition" by Malaysian artist, Nadiah Bamadhaj

Intriguing optical illusion, which is probably better seen in person. Even on video, the illusion isn't that obvious. The car looks like its wheels are turning, as you move sideways while looking at it. It's pretty cool.

All in all, I was impressed by the Biennale and resolve to give other art museums on our lil' island a try.

Inspired and impressed, I'd go for the next Biennale, I promise!

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