Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ms Grinch

How not to become Ms Grinch during this feel-good season of love, joy and peace?

1. Ogle at plethora of christmas decors in shopping malls.

Guess where are these taken?

2. Take pictures of these decors for wallpapering your mobile phone. So that you can't help but get into that X'massy mood every time you look at your phone.

3. Indulge in retail therapy to cheer yourself up and get rid of Grinch tendencies.

Unwilling to part with $99 for this dress that I hanker after. :-(

4. Donate all your soft toys to charity for children to regain feel-good factor and get rid of Grinch tendencies.

5. When all else fails, pretend that X'mas isn't here by staying home for the season (and try to ignore that X'mas count down going on at your neighbour's house next door).

NOT in the mood for X'mas, but trying not to become Ms Grinch


CL said...

Merry Xmas!! and did u indulge urself in retail therapy in the end?

Fleurgal said...

Greetings! Yup, I shopped elsewhere, but still haven't gotten this dress though. Hope u enjoyed the holidays! =)


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