Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation Season

I've been neglecting the blog of late. Mostly because June has been a hectic month for me.

Having just came back from 2 short holidays barely a week apart of each other, I felt a deep sense of melancholy upon coming back.

The quick diagnosis is post holiday blues. :-( A quick antidote would be to take another day's break before returning to work, but even that sometimes worsens the condition, and delays the inevitable.

So anyway my first trip was a birthday treat to myself - to Bangkok for a couple days of good dining and shopping. Second trip was to Hong Kong, for more great dining and shopping. In other words, I was on a self-fulfilling mission to empty my pockets. hah.

Although most people know Bangkok and Hong Kong inside out already, I will still be blogging about them in my upcoming posts - mainly to share some of my favourite shopping haunts and eating places in these 2 cities.

Here's a picture taken at the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong, the city with one of my favourite night skylines in the world.

This might be one of my best pictures taken there (that isn't blurry). I realised the importance of a tripod from this trip.

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