Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Delightful Dilemma

I was on sick leave today, nursing a bad cough. However it's not all boredom being confined at home. Surfing is a surefire way to get inspired and broke!

My favourites below.

Love at First Blush's black leather cuff
bird in flight silhouette

Stacy Leigh's cedar brown ruffled elk leather bag

Cookieletta's citrine and hot chocolate brown neck warmer

TheBlackSpotBooks's vintage linen shot sac book necklace

TheBlackSpotBooks's Autumnal Library 11 antique and scrap leather necklace

I love, love, love the cedar brown ruffled bag - and it would be a great conversation starter - but it's at a princely price of US$597, a price I haven't gotten used to. So I will wait until I get used to the idea of NOT having the bag. Or until I can convince myself to flip this much dough to get a ruffled bag that looks like a skirt. What do you think?


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