Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hallo I'm back

Hi! Just wanted to let you know, I'm still alive.

I'm not too proud to admit that it's my first post in close to 6 months. When you've used up your quota of leave-of-absence-from-the-blogsosphere for 10 years, excuses are moot already. So in case anyone cares, I'm back. And I'd be posting randomly as and when I'm free and as and when I like. Feel free to throw a jackhammer at me. If not, please continue to read my sporadic posts.

Today I am inspired by Emma Watson's organic line for peopletree. Especially loving that recycled sweet wrapper necklace. How ingenious, I believe I can try to make that.

The Union Jack tee for guys looks so doodled (a la Quentin Blake doodle), I wouldn't mind wearing that. Love the model's khol-lined eyes, or is it just a natural result of a lack of sleep?

Items from her organic line are made of fair trade cotton, mostly from Bangladesh, India, and are reasonably priced (especially for a Brit earning in pounds). I am almost tempted to get her catalogue, just to ogle at her and the decent clothes. Alas, it doesn't ship outside of Europe/U.S./Canada/Australia/NZ. Be content with these for now.

Your ever-non-reliable blogger,

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