Sunday, March 21, 2010

Impromptu Floral Arrangement

A family member had a minor surgery and some friends had a lovely flower basket delivered to our home.

The flowers were looking a little parched after a couple of days, so I had to transfer them to a vase of water. I didn't have a vase with a wide enough neck , so I had to split up the flowers into 2 little vases. Here goes the flowers in their new homes.

Ok, the brown vase looks really ugly, but its size is just right.

This clear shoe glass mug looks much better. It's now in a place of honour, on my desk. It makes me happy, just looking at it. And every now and a faint floral smell would waft to my nose. ;)

There were a couple of yellow and pink roses (though you can't really see from the first photo above) that were absolutely gorgeous, but their stems were cut so short, I can't put them in any vase. So I cut up the floral foam that came with the basket, fit it into a small white pot and did an impromptu flora arrangement, using the other leaves and ferns that came with the basket.

From a big floral basket to 3 smaller arrangements - I think it's a pretty good use of materials. I actually used up every single flower stalk and leaves that came with the basket. I've probably broken every floral arrangement design rules that exist, but my aim is really to quench the flowers' thirst, so anything goes.

Novice florist smelling the roses

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