Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Little Book Review

My dear friend with her million-hit blog has finally published her long awaited first book. Who is she? She's none other than the creator of the beloved Bitter Stickgirl blog (let's call my friend Stickgirl too).

Since she started the blog in 2005, her postings of Stickgirl's adventures have been equal parts humourous and bittersweet. Stickgirl has portrayed familiar scenes of irksome social ills, high points and pitfalls of relationships and other musings in light hearted, humourous tones. In so little words (sometimes none at all) her drawings conveyed volumes. Sometimes, I find myself nodding vigorously in agreement with many of her postings because the issues portrayed are so close to everyone's hearts (e.g. public transport fare hikes, misbehaved children on public transport).

In essence, Stickgirl's new book hits the spot because it sports the same brand of humour and acute observation. This book will be close to many people's hearts because the tagline is "Random questions you may have asked at some point in your life". Most questions you can relate to such as "Is the grass greener on the other side?"; "What do I want in life?"; "Why am I so broke?"
My ultimate favourite is the one below:

If like me, you admire and like her work, and would like to support local artists, please buy her book, at S$12.90 (available in Kinokuniya and Times and online on her blog too).

On a side note, Stickgirl's asked more than once what possible career path she could take after her current job. My answer to her now? Cartoonist for the newspapers (her drawings will encourage more to read the papers). Do consider it and let me know if that sounds feasible, Stickgirl. :)

Your humble book reviewer,


Stickgirl said...

Thank you my dear fleurgal!
I'm flattered ^_^

Colin Yong said...

Carry on in your current job and also draw for the papers.... i'm very sure you can handle both jobs at the same time :)


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