Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Day Reveals Itself

Before I start, guess what's this? Something we saw late that night after releasing the Heavenly lanterns.


Keep Guessing

Have you guessed it yet?

Ok stop being annoying you say. Ta dah!

This is what comes out from that tray with those numerous metal rods. It's a tray full of soapy solution to create upsized dreamy bubbles like this. You can only find it here in Shangrila Ilan Leisure Farm. Don't believe this hotel is Shangri La? Here's further proof.

It says "Xiang Ge Li La" in pinyin

I've had a hard time believing I've actually stayed in a Shangri La brand-ed hotel mainly because this hotel gives off a really family-oriented, cozy vibe, and none of that cushy, luxurious aura that most brand name hotels exude. That little soapy tray is a case in point! Which 4/5-star hotel has that?

Here are other lovely spots in the hotel grounds.

Absolutely the plumpest duck I've ever seen in the flesh

Guess what I was posing beside? My brother's actually petting this friendly little dog which seemed like a cross breed between a spaniel and a 'sausage dog'

So incredibly adorable right? The dog, I mean. ;)

The ducklings in their daytime glory. They waddle in a tightly knitted group. So kawaii! ~faint~

Just a quick post on day time in Shangri La. Hopefully to follow up with the rest of the day's activities soon!

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