Friday, June 18, 2010

Google Books Review - The Bitter Stickgirl unanswered

Stickgirl's book is going places! It's now on google books, and I wrote the first review. I hope the link works even if you don't have a google account. Let me know if it doesn't. If you're a fan of her facebook fanpage, you'd realise her fan base is growing steadily. I believe in time to come, Stickgirl will achieve world domination. :)

Here's the review (from Google books):

The Bitter Stickgirl unanswered is a collection of drawings done by the very talented Stickgirl (aka Ms Liu Xiaofen). Containing some pictures from her immensely popular blog ( started in 2005, as well as new drawings, this little hardcover book is a great debut to introduce the protaganist, Stickgirl to people who are new to her.

In the blog, we observe that Stickgirl's journey through life, just like the best of us, have had its equal share of highs and lows, while being bittersweet at the same time. While her blog portrays a variety of issues - irksome social ills, high points and pitfalls of relationships and other musings in light hearted, humourous tones, this book mainly chronicles her many unanswered questions in life, in the same brand of humour that most blog readers know and like.

Most of us could identify with this question "what do I want in life?" and the picture is of Stickgirl drifting along aimlessly. Stickgirl is sometimes prone to insecurities, for example "are they talking about me?", a question she wonders when she walked past a group of chatting girls, only for the reader to find out that they weren't. She also suffers from an occasional bout of guilt, wondering "am I a bad person?", while looking at her devil-horned mirror image. In relationships, she excitedly anticipates her crush's call ("is he going to call?") and struggles to forget an ex-boyfriend ("should I let go?").

Although at the end of the book, all the questions remain unanswered, as readers, we don't mind, because deep down, after looking at her beautifully rendered drawings, we find ourselves not requiring answers to the questions after all.

This is not the book to get if you are looking for answers to life's questions. If you would love to start or end your day with a smile, this book is for you.

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