Friday, June 18, 2010

A series of scenic eye candy I

Everyone knows food in Taiwan's yummy. Would you believe it, even a random highway convenience stop has pretty good snacks? We randomly bought little pancakes containing creamy custard. Maybe because we're hungry, but they're really yummy.

Wu Lai was the first sight seeing spot on the itinerary. From a distance I caught sight of the waterfall - it was graceful, small and quite pretty. However if there were a competition, it would lose big time to the heavy weight champs at the Taruko National Park in Hua Lien (those magnificent waterfalls were a dime a dozen every 20 paces we walked, and they were seriously grand). Nevertheless this "little" waterfall has its charm.

A hotel beside the Wu Lai waterfall. The hotel guests have a heck of a view!

We were supposed to take a mini railway train that was pretty near the waterfall, but when we got there, it was closed! Apparently this has never happened before. Bummer.

Francis, our guide, led us to a flight of stairs. For a split panicky moment, I thought we were going to ascent this thousand-steps flight of stairs. Thankfully he led us DOWN for our leisurely stroll to Wu Lai Old Village.

Thankfully we didn't have to climb this flight of stairs

Some sights we saw along the way.

I thought this tree was pretty

The railway tunnel we didn't get to pass. :(

Great  presentation on mural of the little railway train we never get to take

En route to Wu Lai Old village

Scenery flanking the sides of the river bank we crossed to get to the old village. Feels rustic.

Snapped a series of interesting looking snacks stalls, but didn't try them though. There was one stall we did try though. It was the wild boar chinese sausage (shan zhu la chang). I was never a fan of chinese sausages, but this was seriously good. Forgot to take pictures though. For those interested, it's the first stall on the left when you enter the village. Highly recommended by Francis. While on the bus, he devised a way to tell us if a certain stall's stuff were good to buy or eat (without incurring the stall owner's wrath if it were bad). "EM1" for good, "EM2" for average, and "EM3" for bad. Pretty good code words huh.

I have too many pictures to share, and this will turn out to be one long post, so I'm going to break this day into a series of posts. Next up, Jiu Fen!

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