Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A little island in a lovely lake

After an entreaty with the dieties, we had lunch at a yuan zu ming restaurant. 'Yuan zu ming' refers to the Taiwanese natives/indigenous people who were the first residents of Taiwan.

Before I show pictures of the restaurant, can I rave about this adorable little pooch below??

Why are the Taiwanese dogs so cute? So far I haven't seen one that isn't cute!

And here's where we had lunch. It was decent fare, but not fantastic. As usual, it was an 8-10 course lunch which no one could finish. I lament the waste of food. -.-"

The food is quite reasonably priced

And we were off to a small harbour take a boat to cruise Sun Moon Lake. According to Wiki, "the east side of the lake resembles a sun while the west side resembles a moon, hence the name".

The habour where we set off on our cruise

There is a tiny island in Sun Moon Lake called Lalu. It's now off limits to tourists unfortunately. Probably the same reason why they installed park wardens at Ye Liu National Park (See my previous post).

The little island, Lalu

We disembarked at another section of the lake which lies between Sun Lake and Moon Lake where it houses the Xuan Guang Temple.

As you can see, throngs of tourists were milling around the area waiting to take photos with the Sun Moon Lake tablet. We were no different. Yes, it's cheesy, but that's what tourists do.

The stairs down to the wharf where we diembarked

I have to tell you something disgusting I witnessed by the wharf. I saw a tourist spit into the pristine waters of the lake! Guess which nationality? So in addition to contributing cameras, the tourists also contributed to a higher water level. How wonderful.

We took the boat again and it routed past the little island of Lalu.

Lalu island, up close

The indigenous people were said to have found a rare white deer on this island, hence the presence of this statue

Francis mentioned that Taiwan is very famous for its high quality deer placenta, which is believed to treat many ailments. It is said that Song Mei Ling, the third wife of Taiwan's late President, Mr Jiang Jie Shi, was cured of her lifelong asthma problem after consuming deer placenta

We also passed the 'Ci En Pagoda', built by Mr Jiang Jie Shi in memory of his mother.

We left the lake shortly after to head to Lukang old village.

Some sights along the way.

At the village, we strolled in this temple for a quick look and also strolled along the streets to take in the sights.

Truth be told, this village wasn't as memorable and quaint as those in Neiwan or Jiu Fen or Wulai

 This is a garbage truck that blasts loud music

No village pictures are complete without a dog photo. ;)

Lastly, this is the stadium near our hotel. For the athletic tourist who wants to run. Our hotel is an old building, nothing fancy. The best thing is its swimming pool, which is big and empty, and I made good use of it that night.

Next stop, we're back to the city, at Taipei county. More shops, food and sights!


grace said...

I went Taiwan recently too and my tour guide is also called Francis! Is he the one who calls the China tourists Kapui?

Fleurgal said...

Haha! Bingo!! It's the one and the same Francis! Sounds like he hasn't changed one bit after all these years. Did you enjoy your trip? Would love to read about your experience if you blogged about it. ^_^


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