Tuesday, September 7, 2010

You haven't been to Taipei if you haven't been here

From the name of this post, you can tell that the fame of this place is in a class of its own. If you watch Taiwanese variety shows, you'd know this place has been featured umpteen times. It's the Shilin Night Market. I'd let the pictures do the talking.

Meet the Smelly Toufu dish, with a dollop of chilli and some cabbage on the side. It's not bad, but a tad oily. Some people cannot stand this dish due to its 'aroma'. I'd rather have this than durian anytime, ;)

Meet the 'Frog Laying Egg' Stall. I love the lime flavoured pearl beverage. 'Pearls' are chewy tapioca balls, just like the ones we sampled from Koi (mentioned here

The 'Guan Cai Ban' Stall, translated coffin-shaped bread.

The coffin shaped bread is hollowed out and filled with fillings of your choice. We chose chicken and another flavour which I can't remember. It's absolutely delicious. Do remember the name of this famous stall 'Xiao Zhuang'. I know I'd make a terrible food blogger because I can never remember to take pictures of the food before gobbling it up! However, someone else have already taken a great mouth-watering picture of this snack here, so please be appeased. ;)

I like this stall display, but we didn't try this though. This sells bittergourd juice which is said to be great for the complexion.

Guess what this crowd is queueing for?

It's for the famous chicken cutlet. It's huge and could easily be a complete meal on its own. 4 of us shared 2 pieces, and we were so stuffed, we almost couldn't finish them. Remember this stall's signage (from flickr). You won't miss it because of its strategic location. You'd see it once you exit the nearby train station. We were pretty lucky to join the queue when it was still in its infancy.

The best thing about Taipei is the city's love for food. All sorts of food cravings could be satisfied here in Shilin Night Market and the abundance of other night markets in the city. I really liked the innovative names of the snack stalls in this market, and how we could sample many of the famous, delicious snacks in a single place without breaking the bank.

We left the market with visibly tighter pants.

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