Thursday, November 25, 2010

The most delicious mua chee ever

It must seem pretty abrupt, but here I am, back to posting the remnants of my Taiwan Trip. I know, you're thinking: wrap this up already!

I was literally gaping when I laid eyes on this building. Can you guess what's the nature of this building?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back from M.I.A again

I can't believe myself sometimes. When I do travel, the frequency of travel tends to clump together, one after another without so much of a breather. And when I don't, the drought can last almost a year. The irony.

So basically the reason for my absence is because of another overseas trip that came up, within a month of my Bangkok trip. The trip was extremely long distance, and was the longest long haul trip I would have ever taken. Because the trip was so last minute, the research and packing was just as chaotic, but despite all that, I really enjoyed this trip!

My itinerary: the famous Big Apple, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Big Apple Again, and D.C. :-)

Now on my list of to-dos (already a mile long) - finish up my Taiwan posting and get on to my U.S./Canada posts!

Excuse my MIA please.


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