Thursday, November 25, 2010

The most delicious mua chee ever

It must seem pretty abrupt, but here I am, back to posting the remnants of my Taiwan Trip. I know, you're thinking: wrap this up already!

I was literally gaping when I laid eyes on this building. Can you guess what's the nature of this building?

Readers who have been to Barcelona, don't you think it looks like an offspring of the towering Sagrada Familia? Have you guessed yet what sort of establishment this building is?

Hmmm...I do think the title of this post may have given away its nature.

Well, come on in, the answer lies right within.

Say hello to Mr Bull Frog.

And salutations to Mr. Beagle.

Continue walking. Admire the brilliantly patterned pillars and intricately sculpted ceiling if you must.

Don't be too surprised by these 3 humanoids at the corner.

First glimpse of the interior.

Further glimpses reveals brightly patterned walls and furniture, reminiscent of Australian Aboriginal Art.

I guess this spread leaves no doubt as to what this establishment is.

I remembered to take pictures of every dish served. As usual, it was a 10-course meal no one could finish. Almost all the dishes tasted better than average, which is saying alot. I was starting to think that they value quantity over quality.

And now, the crown jewel of the entire meal. MUA CHEE!!!

For the non-local/non-Chinese, mua chee is made of glutinous rice flour, sugar and chopped toasted peanuts. We can easily buy this in night markets in Singapore/Malaysia/Taiwan. Normally the mua chee makes quite a tasty snack, however the texture of this restaurant's mua chee is like none other. As you can see, it's soft and slightly sticky and (you probably can't see, but take my word for it) it tastes phenomenally good. It was love at first bite.

I pretty much rushed through my meal, in order to explore all levels of the restaurant and to take more pictures.

Here are more pictures of the interior.


A last glimpse at the restaurant. I made a mental oath - I'd come back to this restaurant for a meal when I visit Taipei again one day.

The name of the restaurant is called Wu Jiao Chuan Ban (literally, "Five-Dime Ship Driftwood") and it's located at 台北市内湖路一段32巷8号,Tel : +02-85011472 / 85025567 (Sorry, I only found the address in Chinese).

According to Francis, the lady boss is trained in design and architecture, and the restaurant was inspired by driftwood. She sounds like a true romantic at heart. If you read Chinese, please do check out the website.

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