Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year in advance!

Call me a sketch-churning machine (for the Sketchbook Project). For the past month, I've been frantically drawing and painting 2 to 3 pieces on a daily basis - I think I drew more in a month than I did in 10 years (hah)! My progress dropped around Christmas and now with the knowledge that the deadline is less than a month away, I'm picking it up again, in my last minute, desperate bid to beat the deadline!

In case you don't hear from me by 15 Jan 11, do note that I'm either 1) too embarassed to post anything here because I can't beat the deadline; 2) too busy to post because I'm preparing to start tracking the no of people browsing my sketchbook; or 3) I'm just plain lazy.

Anyway, I leave you with one of my Sketchbook Project piece of a masquerade party with a party crasher donning a 'cartoon mask'. Happy New Year in advance, everyone!

Here's a toast to a joyful, peaceful 2011!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time to Panic

It's already midway into December and I am nowhere midway into my sketchbook project. The postmark date is 15 Jan 10. Yes, I am on the verge of missing the deadline. Please, fellow sketchbook participants, any idea whether we can submit uncompleted sketchbooks for the tour? Alternatively, if you have any ideas how to fill up those mind-bogglingly numerous pages faster, I would be so grateful.

Meantime, here are scans of 2 of my favourite drawings (which I have yet to caption and upload on the sketchbook website).

My intended caption: Hug Totoro at the Ghibli Museum, Tokyo

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last Meals in Taipei

After a thoroughly delicious meal and an eyeful of the unusual decor at Wu Jiao Chuan Ban, it might seem like such an anti climax that our next stop is at a tea centre in town. It's the usual tourist trap, they bring you to a designated 'centre', convince you that their product has so many wonderful properties and is unique to their country, and the hapless tourist such as us, lap it up and fall right into the trap.

This time, the people in the tea centre claimed their bamboo barbecued tea leaves were able to reduce the tummy and lose weight overall - 2 big claims, that if true, would have most women scrambling to buy truckloads of their tea. Anyway, some women in the group did buy some of the tea (including my mum).

Demonstration at the tea centre


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