Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year in advance!

Call me a sketch-churning machine (for the Sketchbook Project). For the past month, I've been frantically drawing and painting 2 to 3 pieces on a daily basis - I think I drew more in a month than I did in 10 years (hah)! My progress dropped around Christmas and now with the knowledge that the deadline is less than a month away, I'm picking it up again, in my last minute, desperate bid to beat the deadline!

In case you don't hear from me by 15 Jan 11, do note that I'm either 1) too embarassed to post anything here because I can't beat the deadline; 2) too busy to post because I'm preparing to start tracking the no of people browsing my sketchbook; or 3) I'm just plain lazy.

Anyway, I leave you with one of my Sketchbook Project piece of a masquerade party with a party crasher donning a 'cartoon mask'. Happy New Year in advance, everyone!

Here's a toast to a joyful, peaceful 2011!


emi said...

What a coincidence! 2 nights ago, i was watching and rewatching Phantom of the Opera's masquerade scene. Captivated by the simple but effective dance choreography on the staircase with fans.

Anyho, jiayou! You already start piahing, might as well go for it. Hope to be able to see yuor sketchbook before you submit! =)

Fleurgal said...

Yea it sure is a coincidence! I would have liked to say that I was inspired by that scene in the phantom of the opera broadway I caught in NY, but truth is, I drew this way before my trip. Anyw, thanks for your encouragement - I am still churning drawings frantically - wish me luck!


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