Monday, January 24, 2011

Library of Congress

On my recent trip to Washington D.C., we made a trip to the Library of Congress, a popular tourist destination and also a must-go for fans of the movie 'National Treasure'. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures of the reading room, where the National Treasure characters, Ben, Riley and Abigail were seen, flipping through the book of secrets and then making their getaway. You see the reading room here.

The library interior reminds me of many of the cathedrals in Rome, with its ornate mural ceilings and intricate carvings.

Here's a picture of a portion of the ceiling in the library, in the Thomas Jefferson (or main) building.

My preliminary sketch.

Of all the sketches I did for the Sketchbook Project, this took up the most time and so I took the extra step to scan it in before I filled in the colours, just in case I ruin it.

Here's the sketch, coloured.

I know the sketch isn't exactly true to life, but I hope it's still fairly obvious enough to be recognizable. I guess cheating by drawing the US Capitol in the background will help a little. ;)

I uploaded more of my sketches here, if you're interested. For some reason, the website doesn't display all that I've uploaded on the page. In order to view all that I've uploaded, just click on any of the pictures, and click on the arrow button to browse through all. I'd love to hear from you if you have any comments on the sketches. Ciao!

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