Friday, January 7, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

After 125 days and 40 sketches later, I am pleased to announce that I have finally completed the Sketchbook!

I have uploaded most of my works (24 so far) here. I haven't finished uploading yet, but it should be done pretty soon considering my progress.

I know most people post about their progress gradually, either on a week on week, day by day, or some kind of regular basis. In my case, since I speed-sketched/painted my way through in the last 2 months without regular updates, to make it up, I will update you 'post-mortem' instead.

You have already seen my earlier posts here , here and here. So I'd pick up from where I left off.

Here's a picture I took of the Washington Monument and the reflecting pool in front of it when I was in Washington D.C. I never knew how pretty an obelisk could appear against a cornwall blue sky with wispy clouds and a low skyline with an overall lack of skyscrapers to compete for attention.

Here's my very simplified take on it. My caption would read: "Reflect at the Reflecting Pool at Washington D.C". I know my drawing doesn't do the Washinton Monument justice, but there is a limit to my drawing skills unfortunately!

Here's another page of the sketchbook. The caption would read: "Observe a fashion designer at work". One of my fantasies, obviously. I wish, I wish.

In my haste to post the sketchbook, I forgot to write down my return address. So I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed hoping the book gets correctly delivered to the Arthouse coop guys, and would never, ever dream of getting lost! Wish me luck!


sel said...

You have great ideas and nice artworks!!! You have chosen a good topic, sketching on the places that you have traveled to makes the pictures interesting, especially to like-minded ppl.

Fleurgal said...

Thanks! I am still somewhat worried about whether my sketchbook reached the arthousecoop folks-no acknowledgement yet. Good to know that you like the sketches. :-)


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