Monday, January 10, 2011

Origami Heaven

Once upon a time, my friend and I stumbled upon a most delightful place in the Land of the Rising Sun. We did not even have to step out of the airport, because it's located right inside Narita Airport, at the departure terminal.

It's an origami shop and I practically swooned and flew straight to origami heaven at the sight of all those beautiful works of art. Truly, I am a sucker for all beautiful things made of paper (you can find my previous posts on paper sculptures and origami here).

I doubt these large-scale dioramas are for sale, but if they are...I bet my botttom dollar that all self-respecting paper art collectors will be clamouring for them.

These origami desserts certainly look believable. I mean, just look at the origami whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate love letter.

I've always had a soft spot for paper flowers and even cactuses.

And this is the shop.

Don't you just love paper?

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