Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sketches inspired by Taiwan

These sketches were inspired by 2 separate Taiwan trips I've made.

This sketch was inspired by my first night in Taiwan in my recent trip in 2010, mentioned here. We released heavenly lanterns that night, and the feeling was quite magical.

The second sketch was of a 'cycling expedition' I went with my friends on my first trip to Taiwan, back in circa 2004. We were in Hua Lien, a mountainous region in Taiwan, and we rented bicycles supposedly to cycle round a lake. However we got hopelessly lost and ended up somewhere in the countryside where the upside was, we did get to see some picturesque scenery, including this gentle rapids in the picture below. This cycling expedition was particularly memorable because it rained extremely heavily midway into our journey to the lake that we never saw. It was the sort of rain that thundered and poured, and visibility was very poor. We cycled all the way back from where we came from while at the mercy of the relentless downpour. Needless to say, we were all completely drenched. In retrospect, it was actually fun, not that I'd do it again though.

More sketches on the way in the next few posts. Have a good weekend, people!

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