Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lady Liberty

The statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol of freedom and of America. The statue was gifted by the people of France, while the pedestral was built by America.

Imagine being an early immigrant to America and greeted by the sight of Lady Liberty upon your first glimpse of the American shoreline.

The statue of Liberty is a neoclassical sculpture of the Roman goddess of freedom called Libertas. Within the statue, engineers have built an elevator that takes visitors all the way to the crown of the statue. The statue is located at Liberty Island, a small uninhabited island in New York Harbour.

Milk and I took the metro to Bowling Green station to redeem ferry tickets to Liberty and Ellis Island at Battery Park. As we were at the metro early, we witnessed a massive peak period crowd. In fact, we missed 3 trains before being able to get in on one.

It was a cloudless day, revealing a lovely cornwall blue sky. However, it was still very cold, I was clad in 3 layers that day. Ditto for Milk.

Security procedures prior to getting on the ferry was similar to airport standards. We had to remove our jackets and all metal items we were carrying for scanning. I guess this is to be expected, post 9/11.

Profile of Lady Liberty, as seen from the ferry

What poise, what beauty...

This explains why the statue is green.

An adorable little girl I couldn't help noticing

The Liberty bike

A seagull contemplatively looking into the horizon

We spent a little time taking pictures and enjoying the breeze. We did not queue to enter the elevator up the statue. There were too many people. Pretty quickly, time passed and we had lunch at the cafe on Liberty island. We shared a pulled pork burger and fries, and I am pleased to report that it tastes as delicious as it looks.

I find myself not having much to say in this post. I guess, because, the pictures speak for themselves.

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