Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rockefeller Center - Day and Night

Hallo everyone! I hope you've had a Happy Chinese Year!

Just a couple of weeks after we came back from U.S., the weather in the U.S. turned extremely frosty and the cold, more frigid than ever. I guess our timing was more or less fortunate. I doubt I would be able to survive the blistering cold, much less enjoy myself, if I was there in December or January. I hope the weather turns back to normal soon.

Following our city tour earlier in the day, we decided to end our day at the Rockefeller Center to see the night view from Top of the Rock.

Murals at the Rockefeller plaza lobby

Milk loved the minions from Despicable Me, but could not find any of the movie's memorabilia throughout NYC

NBC's headquarters is housed within GE building

At first we thought Rockefeller Center is a single building, in fact, it is a cluster of 19 commercial buildings. The Top of the Rock is an observation deck from which a 360 degrees paranomic view of NYC can be seen, and it's located within GE building.

The following are some of the shots I've gotten while I was on 'top of the rock', so to speak.

Empire State Building, looking much prettier at night

Down at the lower plaza at Rockefeller Center, there were plenty of Art Deco styled sculptures, some of them so famous, they require no introduction.

The Rockefeller skating rink has been seen in more rom-coms than I can remember

Figure of Youth, by Paul Manship

Prometheus, by Paul Manship, is a very famous sculture in NYC

The supremely cute Lego version

The Lego version of the statue of Atlas, by the same sculpture of Prometheus

One source of eternal regret for us was that we were never able to find time to visit this Lego store before its closing hour throughout our stay in NYC. All the above shots were taken after it was closed. I used to play with Lego's 'paradisa' edition when I was small, and I was looking forward to seeing more of Lego's intricate play sets. It's really sad that I didn't get to see the store except its window displays. ;-( 
Early morning, the next day, we happened to pass by Rockefeller center and hence we took some more shots of sculptures (The pictures below are taken by Milk).

The original statue of Atlas

News by Isamu Noguchi

You can read more about the Rockefeller Center here

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