Thursday, February 17, 2011

So Relieved

I am so relieved.

I received an email from the Arthouse Coop guys notifying me that they've received my sketchbook! Whew!!! If you recall, I sent the sketchbook the Arthouse Coop guys about a month and a half ago, and got quite worried that the package would become lost since I've forgotten to write my return address. Thankfully all went well!

Here's another sketch from my sketchbook

This sketch's caption would read "Red-crowned crane watching in Hokkaido, Japan". I was inspired by a photo from my ex-colleague and friend's nature photography website. He's an excellent photographer, and you can tell from the stunning images from his website that much patience and great skills were neccessary for him to capture those shots.

In late 2009, my friend was interviewed by Naturepixels, a local photography website. You can read about the interview here.

Whoever said accountants are stuffy and don't use their right brains, obviously don't know one!

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