Monday, March 28, 2011

Shopping in NYC Part I

Sorry, I've been a little remiss in my US posting.

This post is part 1 of my 2 days and 1 evening of shopping in NYC, a thororoughly enjoyable affair, as can be expected from shopping in one of the world's most premier shopping destination. As SATC's Carrie puts it, there are 2 'L's women look out for in NYC, "Love" and "Labels". Forget about the former, the latter is what we most seek. ;) See also my post on Soho here.

We had breakfast at chain restaurant called PAX, at 225 West 42nd Street (between 7th and 8th Ave). It can be found in several other locations too. I like their orange juice, very fresh and sweet, and the breakfast is pretty good too - fluffy pancakes and crisp bacon and toast.

After breakfast we attempted to locate Schwartz Travel. This was a luggage storage place in which we were intending to deposit our luggage for 4 days while we were away for our 3 day Niagara Falls - Canadian Tour booked from a NY Chinatown tour agency via We found Schwartz Travel at Midtown Manhattan, between 5th & 6th Ave, at 34 West, 46th Street.  It costs US$10 per day per luggage. Our plan when we returned from the tour, was to retrieve our luggage and lug them to our next hostel in NY, called Big Apple Hostel, which was within walking distance.  

That day was very cold, and yet my feet were clad in 2 socks and wearing a pair of flip-flops. Obviously my toes froze to the point of dropping off and people stared. Why did I do that? For the US trip, I brought along only a pair of Doc Martens 8 eyelet boots and flip-flops to keep my luggage light. I have previously worn the Doc Marts only twice before the trip, so it wasn't properly seasoned. Because we did so much walking the days before, I sustained some blisters, and so I had to get a new pair of boots. I didn't want to carry around my heavy Doc Marts after changing into new boots and shopping around and so this explains my skimpy feet get-up. I eventually bought a pair of furry beige Ugg lookalike boots from H & M at just US$19.90. They were warm, faux fur lined, and most importantly, COMFORTABLE.

Ironically after I thought I found the most comfortable boots, in another shoe chain store, I found another very comfortable pair of girl's studded boots at just US$9!

Having settled that, we went on to Macy's, one of the oldest department store in New York.

Macy's have a really nice facade, reminds me of Harrod's in London

There were a couple of sales in Macy's. I bought quite a bit of Nikes and Pumas as they were really cheap. I also bought an Estee Lauder Pleasures perfume gift set for my Mum, who is a fan of the Pleasures fragrance.

Sadly, we did not manage to find any recommended eating places in the area and had to settle for some Mexican food at Penn station. We had tacos and pulled pork rice bowl and the lousiest pina colada drink we've ever tasted.

Ms Milk was one step short of sticking out her tongue and proclaiming that the pina colada sucks

No wonder, we were on Fashion Street

I've got a habit of spotting big 4 audit firms' buildings in various cities I've visited, this being my former employer

We saw the famous naked cowboy of NY in the flesh

That evening we caught 'The Phantom of the Opera' broadway show. Do book online in advance as it will be cheaper that way. It was a wonderful show, the music was stirring and the actors/actresses gave a very convincing performance.

A fitting end to a great shopping day.

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