Sunday, March 6, 2011

Treasures of Soho

The same day that we visited Liberty and Ellis Island and had dinner at Chinatown, we quite literally walked off our dinner calories, when we walked from Chinatown to Little Italy to Soho. It was late by the time we reached Soho, and we had a very lovely time browsing at a shop called Kate's Paperie at 72 Spring Street. The shop decor was amazing, and all the items in the shop were designed to tug at a paper lover's heart.

Huge paper flowers adorn the ceiling

I couldn't agree more

Be still, my heart.

I couldn't resist the leather envelope-designed document holders - I bought 2 pink ones - one A4 sized, and the other, the size of a clutch. It's a wonder I didn't buy more - there were too many pretty things in the shop for my own good. Milk bought a very pretty pen. Later when we returned home, we realised that we've gotten very good bargains because the exact items we bought were selling in Singapore at prices of at least 30% more. Wonderful. : )

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) shop is also located in close proximity, and so we popped in for a look, since we did not manage to visit the museum. The shop was a veritable treasure trove of creative, well-designed knick knacks, clothes, household items, furniture, etc, from the tongue-in-cheek salt and pepper set to pretty paper weights, there's something for everyone, regardless of whether you actually need it or not. I think anyone who likes good designs will love the shop. Despite wanting to buy everything in the shop, I only bought what I need, a small rectangular mirror encased in a bright green leather case. The items can be bought online too, very comprehensive, and you'd be pleased to note that they ship internationally too! In retrospect, I think we should have gone to the museum, I have a feeling we'd like it as much as we like the items in the museum shop.

And since we're on the subject of Soho, I will blog about Soho which we've visited on a separate day.

Breakfast was at Cosi, a chain restaurant that we see scattered across many parts of New York. The one we ate at was near Grand Central station.

We passed by this supermarket food hall (with all sorts of delicious food on display) on our way to take the subway

Streets of Soho

We flitted in and out of shops, some of them we browsed, some shops, we opened our wallets. Here are a few interesting ones.

The All Saints' shop window lured us inside

The clothes were pretty, but expensive

An entire wall decorated with Singer sewing machines


A home interior decorating shop

To my chagrin, the Alexander Wang shop wasn't opened

Kate Spade boutique at Broome Street - one of the shops where we opened our wallets

I highly recommend this seafood restaurant where we had an excellent lunch.

Lobster salad

Fish with spinach

Do stop by Aqua Grill at 210 Spring Street when you're in Soho

After lunch, we stopped by the Apple store at 103 Prince Street. I almost burned cash on an iPad, but reined myself in after realising that there wasn't much price difference from the price in Singapore. Besides it's too tiresome to lug around an electronic device especially since we were intending to travel to Canada and Washington after New York.

While we were on the city sights bus in the first few days, the bus tour guide pointed out a cafe to us called "The Best Chocolate Cake in the World" located at 55A Spring Street. It sounds really arrogant, doesn't it? Obviously, such a name only served to pique our curiosity, and so we sought out the cafe after lunch.

This was what we ordered. Nothing beats having hot, aromatic coffee and sweet chocolate cake on a cold autumn day.

I won't go on a limb to declare that this is "The Best Chocolate Cake in the World", but it came pretty close to the best I've tasted so far (though I haven't tasted enough chocolate cakes to make that claim). The chocolate cake was crumbly and sweet, without being cloyingly so. The slightly bitter coffee was a nice complement to the sweetness of the cake.
Apart from great food, we had huge shopping loots from Soho (think Levi's and DKNY jeans, Kate Spade , OPI and Orly nail polish, really stylish boots and many more). And now you know why Soho is such a treasure trove.

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