Friday, March 4, 2011


I have resisted the siren call of online shopping mammoths for years now - the likes of ASOS, Shopbop, Net-a-Porter, Revolve Clothing . Until 3 days ago, that is.

This was what broke my resolve.

Picture from Revolve Clothing

This very cool high cut boot wedges is a Puma collaboration with Turkish-born British designer, Hussein Chayalan. Originally at £170.00 on ASOS, my heart visibly palpitated when I saw the black pair going at £102. After hours of consideration, I succumbed to the temptation and clicked the check out button.

ASOS offered free international shipping within 11 days. Which was why, to my absolute surprise, the parcel arrived just 2 days later. Yes, just 2 days! I've bought stuff from local blogshops all the time, and even after paying for registered postage, I don't actually receive my packages as quickly as this did (all the way from UK to Singapore). Thumbs up ASOS!

Along with the boots, I bought a PU duffle hooded bomber jacket. However, I didn't like the PU texture - feels a little sticky, and I'm contemplating to return it. The great thing about these mega shopping websites is that they usually have very good returns policies, so I might do just that.

Overall, I am very impressed by ASOS's expedient service. However I must say, they sure are sneaky. I received an email from them yesterday titled 'Enjoy 20% off at ASOS now'. Now, how do I resist that? 


Anonymous said...

Hey. Love your boots. :)
I'm contemplating buying that PU bomber jacket too. Could you post a picture please?

Fleurgal said...

Hi thanks Anonymous! Do check out this link:

I didn't take pics of the PU bomber myself,so I hope ASOS' pics suffice. Black is still avail frm size 8-12. IMHO, I didn't really like the feel of the PU leather (sticky),but other than that, the cut and design looks fine. Happy shopping!


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