Saturday, April 9, 2011

Australia Inspired Sketches Part I

Retrospectively I realised many of my sketches in the Sketchbook were inspired by Australia. I backpacked once in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane for 2 weeks, and it was very memorable experience. The natural scenery is spectacular, the people are laid back and friendly and Melbourne city is cosmopolitan with a very cool hippy vibe. Add to the fact that Australia possesses some really special wildlife, like the koala bear, kangaroo, tazmanian devil that are endemic to the country and that travelers will not have a lack of things to do, you really should visit this interesting and unique country if you haven't.

Here are 3 of my Australian inspired sketches.

Whale and dolphin watching

Catch a glimpse of the 12 Apostles before their eventual erosion

Laze with the kangaroos, hug a koala

More Australian inspired sketches coming up in the next post!

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