Thursday, May 5, 2011

Back - intermittently

Hallo everyone, I think I've lost more than half of you regular readers since I haven't posted for many weeks now. I do apologise for my unannounced hiatus. I started a new job recently and have been working really, really late. And when weekends come I don't get round to blogging, just catching up on sleep at home or going out.

I was posting about my US trip, and I should be getting to Niagara Falls/Canada. I'd try to do that this weekend. This post is just to inform you that I'd be back intermittently when I do find the energy to post.

Here's a pretty picture of Niagara Falls at night for your viewing pleasure. 

The picture's taken by Milk, my night shots are as usual, CMI (cannot make it), plus to my defence, it was freezing at night and my hands literally shook while trying to take pictures. Anyway, have a good Friday, people!

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