Sunday, March 18, 2012

Colour of Focus: Purple

Some pictures from my third painting class.

New colour learnt: Purple, eggplant purple specifically.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Thing about Colours

Orange is a colour I learned to mix from using crimson red and ultramarine blue in my second painting lesson. 

I realised sometimes it's not possible to achieve a desired shade of colour given specific shades of primary colours. For example blue alone has a variety of shades - there's ultramarine blue, phythalocyanine blue, prussian blue, cerulean blue, and so much more. Mixing different types of blue with different shades of yellow could give vastly different shades of green. Given that I only had ultramarine blue I wasn't able to achieve the same turquoise blue that was the actual shade of the paper on which the pumpkin and box was placed on, so I made do with this.

Final look
(I know the pumpkin looks like a melon. Fail on my part~)

A Recent Joyful Occupation

If I'd known what joy I could derive from drawing and painting, I'd have taken up classes a long time ago. As it goes, life and work got in the way. Nevertheless as I always say, better late than never!  

Some months back, when I had the free time and opportunity to take up classes, I googled, researched and narrowed my selection of teachers, and eventually chose Mr Jimmy Quek, one of the best art teacher I've had so far (counting those I've had in school). I chose to learn acrylic painting, very commonly used by many modern artists being available only in the 1950s. FYI, oil paints were commonly used by the famous Renaissance masters and are very slow drying, sometimes taking weeks to dry.  

My first acrylic painting on canvas

More about my first class after the break.


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